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    Rocker Knife

    Designed for those persons with limited use of only one hand and for those unable to use a knife and fork simultaneously.
    Product #: 21405KE

    Rocker Knife With Solid Handle is constructed of stainless steel and has sharp curved blade with solid handle for those with use of only one hand. Cuts with a rocking motion. Dishwasher safe up to 180 degree fahrenheit and latex free. It weighs 3oz. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free. 
    Because of Parkinson\'s, muscle weakness, or arthritis, dinner time can be frustrating for those without full control or weakness in their upper extremities. The specially designed, curved blade of the Solid Handle Rocker Knife lets users cut food, using just one hand. Elegant, dishwasher safe, and stainless steel, this knife will fit in with regular dinner flatware.

    Solid Handle Rocker Knife Specifications:

    • Blade measures: 4 inches long.
    • Handle measures: 4.5 inches long.
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