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    iWalk 3.0

    The iWALK 3.0 is a crutch substitute that frees you from the limitations of conventional crutches and provides unsurpassed mobility.
    Product #: 2B00092RB06

    Upper Assembly

    1. Thigh Support surface area increased by 30% for increased stability and comfort. Thigh Support pads are thicker and use an improved high resiliency foam for better comfort and durability.
    2. Thigh Supports feature numbered settings to assist in dialing in the perfect fit. Thigh Support has spring loaded ratcheting mechanism for faster fitting.
    3. Thumb screws are 89% larger to make it easier to lock down the Thigh Supports.

    Knee Platform

    • Knee Platform pad has built in channels for increased airflow to promote cooling. Knee Platform pad is thicker with an upgraded high resiliency foam for greater comfort and durability.

    Height Adjustment

    1. Height adjustments for upper crutch are now on both sides vs only the right side for 2.0. This increases stability and reduces noise. and lower crutch feature external adjustment clips – no more lost springs inside tubes.
    2. Height adjustment for lower crutch is now external. No more stiff springs like in 2.0.

    1. Upgraded closed cell foam padding
    2. Velcro closures to facilitate initial fitting
    3. Soft, breathable Tricot fabric is more comfortable
    4. Locking buckle prevents straps from getting lost

    1. Quick release buckle for faster on / off
    2. Round strap mounts allow 24 degrees of rotation
    3. Spring loaded no-slip buckles (for the dual tensionlock buckles)
    4. Color coded straps – More intuitive – Black for length adjustment, Blue for tension / loosen (on/off)

    Thigh Gate Strap

    • Thigh Gate Strap increased surface area by 22% for greater comfort and stability
    • Thigh Gate Strap will hold position once it’s been set, but can still be easily adjusted


    • Foot is 35% wider for increased stability (+54%) and easier adaptation. Makes learning to iWALK much easier.
    • Bright graphics on Foot provide clear instructions for left or right foot orientation.

    Vibram Tread

    • Vibram tread has 36% more surface area for increased traction and stability.
    • The central cavity in the 2.0 tread is now flush to prevent accumulation of snow or mud.

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