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    Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover

    Product #: 231433254DM
    • The Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover creates a raised rail, defined perimeter for enhanced fall prevention, without using patient restraints
    • Open in mid-section for safe and easy patient egress and ingress
    • Built-in medium density foam bolsters safely and comfortably define edges of bed for patient and prevent falling
    • Easy-to-install and secure
    • Breathable Nylon makes this a truly universal cover, compatible with both foam and powered air surfaces
    Cover MaterialNylon
    Fits Mattresses34-43" (W) X 80" (L) X 6"-10" (H)
    Foam DensityMedium
    Foam Sections5.5" (W) x 29.5" (L) x 4" (H)
    Shipping Weight5 lbs