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    Serenity Gel Overlay

    The Protekt® Gel Overlay utilizes a series of gel bladders encapsulated between high density, high resilient contoured foam and a firm support base. This composition creates a cost effective pressure redistribution group I support surface.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Optimal overlay surface for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
    • Convoluted high density polyurethane foam top layer.
    • 15 horizontal gel bladders prevents migration and bottoming out.
    • Gel bladders contain an aqueous gel composition that provides deep immersion.
    • Base foundation is a high density/high resilient foam construction which prevents bottoming out.
    • Nylon top cover is fluid resistant, vapor permeable and anti-microbial/anti-bacterial.
    • Bottom vinyl cover has 4 elastic corner straps that secures overlay to the mattress.
    • Gel maintains room temperature at all times.
    • Size: 34”x76”x3.5”.
    • Also available in 42”, 48” widths
    DescriptionSizeWeight Cap
    Gel Overlay34"x76"x3.5"300 lb. wt. cap.
    Gel Overlay Bariatric42"x76"x4"500 lb. wt. cap.
    Gel Overlay Bariatric48"x76"x4"550 lb. wt. cap.
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