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    Over and Under Mattress Alarm Systems

    Shop here for over-mattress and under-mattress pads and alarm systems.
    Picture of BedPro Safety Alarm Unit
    BedPro Safety Alarm Unit
    Protects patients against fall related injuries resulting from unassisted bed exists. Alarm only.
    Product #: 2553167SC
    Picture of Under Mattress Bed Sensor Pads and Alarm System
    Under Mattress Bed Sensor Pads and Alarm System
    Great for personal or professional use, these pads reliably activate an alarm monitor when the user rises or moves off the pad. For patients who wander or try to get out of bed at nigh, the pad is a way to help alert nurses or caregivers. Pad connects to alarm monitor that alerts you to their need for assistance and help reduce the risk of fall. Useful for putting on the bed of elderly mum, dad, or grandparents, including those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Pad is constructed of durable, water-resistance vinyl. Sensor pad set-up instructions are printed right on the pad for easy reference. Pad also has a spot for recording the initial date of use. Available in two sizes 10” x 30” and 20” x 30”.
    Picture of Over Mattress Bed Sensors and Alarm System
    Over Mattress Bed Sensors and Alarm System
    Alerts caregivers of unassisted bed exits

    BedPro Safety Alarm Unit

    • Unit Only
    • Comes with Nurse call cord, Y-Connector, AC Adapter & Batteries
    • Compatible with over and under mattress pads

    Under Mattress Bed Sensor Pads and Alarm System

    • 90-day use: Ideal for hospitals and patients who have a short-term stay
    • 180-day use: Useful for most rehab stays because of its durability
    • One-year use: Long-term stays or at-home use benefit from this most-durable pads
    • Sensor pad activates alarm monitor when user moves off the pad
    • Bed pad helps alert nurse or caregiver
    • Surface wipes clean for sanitation purposes
    • Available in a variety of styles and options
    • Can purchase sensor pads individually or as a set with the alarm

    Over Mattress Bed Sensors and Alarm System

    • These over the mattress sensor pads universally connect to any BedPro, ChairPro, or MultiPro alarm
    • Option to buy sensor pads only or the alarm system which includes sensors and an alarm
    • Flexible wire connection increases reliability
    • 10" x 30"
    • Durable heat sealed construction
    • New coiled cable, Resting 21"L, Extended 9' 5"L