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    Motion Sensor Fall Alarm Monitor for Bedside or Doorway

    Stand alone motion sensor alarm that is battery operated. Great for bedsides, hallways, or doorways.
    Product #: 281507748SCG

    The Stand Alone Monitor allows you to maintain effective awarenes of movement without the use of pressure pads, floor mats or pull strings type devices.

    Use it Where You Need it. Motion sensor can be placed at the bedside to alert when someone attempts to get out of bed, chair or by a doorway to alert when someone attempts to exit the area. Bracket may ne wall mounted with provided hardware.

    Wide Area of Detection this motion sensing exit alarm has a wide field of detection that extends outwards approximately 30 feet from the alarm. Any movement that interrupts this field will trigger the alarm.

    Key Feature:

    • Chime Alert
    • Adjustable alert volume
    • Great for bedsides, hallways, or doorways
    • Stand alone motion sensor alarm
    • Stands vertically wihtout assistance within it's 360 degree swiveling plastic bracket
    • No cords or wires required
    • Battery included (1-9V)
    • Manual off/reset


    This item is not returnable.
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