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    Chair Sensor Pad

    This economical chair sensor pad is compatible with any of the Pro Series alarm units.
    The Chair Sensor Pad may be used with or without cushion and activates an alarm when the resident rises. The vinyl covered pads are water resistant and measure 7" x 15".

    • Alarm activates if resident leaves or falls from the chair

    • Durable heat sealed construction

    • New coiled cable: Resting 21"L, Extended 9' 5"L

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    AliMed® PIR Alarm Systems are simple, safe and dependable motion-detection technology to help manage patient care and fall prevention. The PIR Alarm works just like automatic motion-detection lights. When the beam is interrupted, the alarm is sounded. The PIR beam is narrow and fan-shaped so that only the bedside area is monitored. The alarm won't go off when staff members enter the room. These systems eliminate the hazards associated with cords - tripping and accidental wire pulls are eliminated.