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    Angular Bolster

    Offers Optimal Trunk Positioning The Angular Therapy Bolster offers safe and comfortable support for optimal trunk positioning during physical therapy. The positioning tools can also be used at home for continued therapy and sitting or sleeping comfort. Both the bolster and wedge can be used to position clients in physical therapy clinics, chiropractic facilities, sports medicine facilities and massage therapy offices. The therapy bolster measure 21” long x 12” wide x 7" high. Both the wedge and bolster are covered in black vinyl upholstery. Heat Sealed to Prevent Contamination These physical therapy tools are manufactured with firm and comfortable polyurethane foam. Both feature durable, heavy-gauge vinyl that is heat sealed to prevent contamination. In addition, the Angular Therapy Bolster and Therapy Wedge can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or spray disinfectant.
    Product #: 2369745ALI
    • In a professional setting, use these physical therapy tools for muscle re-education, rehabilitation, and to provide support for various types of exercises
    • Use at home for continued therapy, as well as for comfort and support as positioning cushions to help relieve stress and pain
    • Covered in black vinyl upholstery, the positioning tools are heat sealed to prevent contamination and ensure hygiene control
    • Constructed with latex-free, polyurethane foam interior and easy-to-sanitize covering that can be cleaned with a damp cloth


    • Material: Foam
    • Product Type: Positioners
    • Body Area: Universal
    • Positioner Shape: Bolster
    • Reusable
    • TAA Compliance: Made in USA 

    WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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