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    Silicone Back Scrubber

    This long handles silicone shower body brush makes it easier to scrub entire body in the shower and lasts longer than regular long handled scrub brushes. Designed with an ergonomic handle, the back scrubber is a high-quality, durable brush makes the perfect shower tool.
    Product #: 298186A


    • Ergonomic Design with soft brushes for an effortless clean
    • Made of food grade silicone
    • Double-sided design: features soft bristles on one size and massage nodes on the other
    • Easy to clean: easy to clean by hand wasing, silicone helps prevent bacteria build up 


    • Measures 15" L X 3.3" W
    • Standard color is black, color may vary

    Steps for Use

    Step 1 :Bath in warm water for about two minutes.

    Step 2: Wet the brush head with warm water.

    Step 3: Apply shower gel on the brush.

    Step 4: Mildly rub the brush to have abundant foams by hand.

    Step 5: Clean your body with the brush. Step

    Step 6: Rinse the brush and hang it to dry.

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