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    Posey Socks and Slippers-Green

    Posey Fall Prevention Socks and Slippers help prevent patient falls with a non-skid sole or skid-resistant tread, and can help staff identify high fall-risk patients.

    Fall Prevention Socks

    • Skid-resistant rubber tread on both sides
    • Soft terry cloth, latex-free and washable
    • Available in standard size and large size
    • Large size features a mesh band that fits large width ankles and calves up to adult size 14
    • Sold by the pair
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    Thera-Band Hand Exerciser

    Graded resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms.

    Delux Hand Helper White

    The Deluxe Hand Helper Exerciser is a hand and finger exerciser designed to improve finger and grip strength for people with upper extremity disabilities. The device consists of a rigid plastic frame with rubber bands for resistance; squeezing the padded handgrip pulls against the rubber bands to provide strengthening. The amount of resistance can be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of rubber bands (included) used. The Deluxe model has two thumb screws for adjusting range of movement.


    The MedCenter Organizer allows you to organize a full month’s worth of medication or vitamins at a time. The Organizer features thirty-one individual pill boxes that can be removed and taken with you as needed or remain with the Organizer stand for ease of convenience. Pair the Organizer with the MedCenter Talking Clock and you have a complete monthly medication organizer and reminder system.

    Drive Grab Bar

    Durable, white powder coated steel is attractive and easy-to-clean. 16" L.