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    Rusch Belly Bag Urinary Collection Bag

    Rusch Belly Bag is now manufactured by Teleflex and is a latex-free Drainage Bag that improves dignity, mobility and quality of life for Urinary Patients. Manufactured by Rusch, these Urinary Bags are worn at the waist to keep patients dry and clean. Rusch Drainage Bags can be worn around the abdomen under clothing because the Teleflex Medical's Rusch Belly Bag is a Urinary Drainage Bag that features a soft backing so that it doesn't chafe the skin. Because the Rusch Belly Bag fits around the abdomen it eliminates the problems associated with leg and bedside bags including advertent catheter extraction and leg bruising. The Rusch Belly Bag comes complete and ready to use with an easy to fasten waist belt and an anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow. The Rusch Belly Bag can be worn by either male or female. Vitality Medical also carres Rusch Belly Bag and Leg Bags that are worn on a urinary patient's leg.


    Product Features & Benefits

    • Rusch Belly Bag users can sleep with this Urine Bag and may wear it 24 hours daily.
    • Equipped with quick release buckle.
    • Designed to work with an indwelling foley or suprapubic catheter.
    • Sterile urine collection bag.
    • Rusch Drainage Bags can be used by men or women.

    Product Specifications

    • Rusch Belly Bag
    • Sold by each or box of 10.
    • Non-latex.
    • Rusch Belly Bag Capacity: 1000cc
    • Versions: Belly Bag, Belly Bag with 24 inch coiled tube, Belly Bag with sample port.
    • Rusch Belly Bags only work with internal catheters.