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    Jobst ActiveWear Athletic Sock, 15-20 mmHg

    • Allegro’s Men’s Ribbed the ideal compression sock for those in the workplace. Whether you’re closing deals in the board room or jet setting across the world, Allegro is there to protect your legs!
    • FEATURES: Essential’s therapeutic 8-15 and 15-20 mmHg prevent lower leg swelling and tired and ache legs. Also, Essential protects against vascular insufficiencies such as, spider and varicose veins, DVT, and blood clots.
    • DESIGN: Allegro Nylon Blend Support Socks are made of a super soft ribbed nylon/spandex fabric that comes to just below the knee. It has a non-binding top so the socks stay up on their own and features a comfort heel and balloon toe.
    • PERFORMANCE: Men’s Essentials is ideal for any professional who spends extended amount of time sitting or standing throughout the day. These compression socks will give you the protection you deserve while having the style you want.
    • Made in the USA: ALLEGRO COMPRESSION HOSIERY costs up to 65% less than the premium brands while providing the same levels of compression as the more famous brands. Woven from 85% nylon and 15% spandex


      Spider Veins
      Varicose Veins
      Heavy & Swollen Legs
      Chronic Venous Disease

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