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    White TED Hose Knee High Closed Toe, Long

    T.E.D. Anti-embolism Stockings are designed to speed blood flow with graduated compression but are different from support stockings or compression hose in that they are used for non-ambulatory convalescing persons to prevent blood clots. This product is required to be reported under California Proposition 65. T.E.D. anti-embolism stockings are clinically proven to reduce DVT up to 50%1 and to promote increased blood flow velocity in the legs 138%2 of baseline by compression of the deep venous system.

    ED Hose Knee High Closed Toe Features & Benefits

    • Defined heel pocket to ensure correct placement
    • Inlay circumferential knit, helping to provide one way horizontal stretch
    • Toe opening allows easy inspection of the skin and pedal pulse

    TED Hose Knee High Closed Toe Specifications

    • Size: Small- XLarge, Long
    • Application: Anti-embolism Stockings
    • Color: White
    • Ankle Compression: 18 mmHg
    • Calf Compression: 14 mmHg
    • Material: Nylon
    • Style: Knee-high
    • Brand T.E.D.

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