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    Hip and Groin Brace- Thigh Compression-Left, Large

    SOOTHE YOUR GROIN & HIP PAIN TODAY Lightning Fast and Effective Support, Stability and Hugging Compression Our Newly Improved Groin and Thigh Support Gives You the Most Comfortable and Breathable Experience You Could Dream of. Recover Faster, Be More Active and Get Moving Freely Again
    Product #: 268413AA

    Why You Will Love Your New Brace:

    • Lightning Fast, Simple and Effective Pain Reduction You Will Feel
    • Speed Your Recovery, Squash Inflammation with Lazer Targeted Compression
    • Stabilize Hips and Muscles so They Relax, Untighten and Destress
    • Comfortable, Enjoyable and So Simple to Wear it will put a Smile on Your Face

    You Need to Feel the Difference This Brace Makes For Yourself


    • Unisex Design
    • Please Note Brace Can Fit Both Left or Right Legs, But Velcro Maybe at the Back For Opposite Hip


      • REDUCE PAIN- So that you can get back to having an Active Life Enjoy Fun Activities with your Family and Friends - Don't be left behind anymore.
      • TARGETED COMPRESSION - Groin, Thigh, Hamstring, Quadricep, Hip Joint and Hip Flexors. Fits Both Left or Right Legs like a Glove. Find Relief for Lower Back and Stabbing Sciatica Nerve Pain
      • COMFORTABLE and BREATHABLE - Unique Inner Mesh Design Wicks Moisture Keeping You Dry. FULLY ADJUSTABLE Velcro Keeps This Premium Neoprene Brace Glued In Place 100% of the Time
      • WEAR UNDER YOUR CLOTHING - Slim Design is the Discreet Option for Anyone Looking for a Back Brace to Wear All Day