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    Oxygen Enrichment Attachment

    The oxygen enrichment attachment is used to add oxygen inline to any CPAP or bi-level CPAP air cicuit. The use of an oxygen pressure valve is required to prevent backflow of oxygen into the CPAP machine.
    Product #: 2369874CPAP

    Cleaning your mask every day is a very important part of mask maintenance. All masks in the Comfort Series can be cleaned in the same manner. Below you will find the three easy steps to keeping a clean mask:

    1. Wash the mask in warm water with a mild soap and air dry; no need to disassemble the mask. Avoid soap with moisturizers.

    2. Wash your face thoroughly before using your mask.

    3. Inspect your mask. Replace the mask if the cushion becomes hardened or if any parts become damaged.

    Even by following these tips, the natural oils in your face will interact with the mask, and over time, the mask will lose its seal. As an informed healthcare consumer, you should be aware of the mask replacement benefits under your healthcare plan. If your plan does not meet your mask replacement needs, talk to your home healthcare provider.

    Comfort Tips

    Respironics has developed unique product features to make positive airway pressure more comfortable to use, such as C-Flex, ramp, humidification, and Comfort Series masks.

    C-Flex lowers the pressure at the beginning of exhalation when many people find therapy most uncomfortable. The amount of pressure relief is based on your breathing pattern and your C-Flex setting. With three C-Flex settings, you have the ability to select a greater or lesser degree of pressure relief that is right for you.

    Your device should be set up with a preset C-Flex setting. You can try other settings by simply pressing the C-Flex button on the front of your device. You may also change the C-Flex setting using the control buttons and display screen. Press the right arrow to scroll to the C-Flex settings page. A screen with three C-Flex settings will appear. Use the C-Flex or plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the setting. Press the stop/start button to save your setting and return to the mail menu.

    Note: If C-Flex is not enabled on your device, talk to your doctor or home care provider about activating it.

    Ramp is a comfort feature on all M Series devices. Ramp allows you to keep the air pressure low when you are trying to fall asleep. And then it automatically and gradually increases the air until your prescription level is reached. Many users find that using ramp makes it easier to fall asleep. You activate the ramp by pressing the ramp button on the front of your device. Most of the PAP devices allow you to set the starting ramp pressure to the level you find most comfortable. And if you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back to sleep, you can activate ramp again by simply pressing the ramp button.

    The humidifier is another piece of equipment that will make your therapy more comfortable Heated or unheated humidification can reduce discomfort associated with common CPAP conditions such as dry mouth, nasal irritation or congestion.

    To make humidification even more comfortable, we’ve made the M Series humidifiers even easier to use. The M Series humidifier features a new easy-turn dial to get the right setting, and it doesn’t need to be reset during the night if therapy is temporarily suspended. Plus, the redesigned “hidden” water chamber is easier to use and easier to fill and delivers continuous humidification throughout the night.

    Comfort Series Masks
    Comfort with your therapy is closely tied with the kind of mask you use. When you find a mask that is comfortable, you have the best chance to enjoy the full benefit of therapy. Respironics Comfort Series line offers a variety of styles, features, and sizes designed to fit many different facial profiles and user preferences. Sometimes getting a better mask fit is as easy as adjusting the headgear – especially if it’s too tight. Adjusting to your mask means learning to accept its presence. It may take some time, so be patient and stick with it.

    Regular use means living a longer and healthier life!
    It is very important to get comfortable with your device so regular, all-night positive airway pressure sessions become part of your nightly routine. People who regularly use positive airway pressure therapy feel healthier and more alert. So make a commitment to accept therapy as part of your life and use your device each night. The more you know about your treatment and sleep apnea, the better prepared you will be to live a longer, healthier, and more productive life.

    Travel Tips

    The M Series Sleep system is easy to pack up and carry along when you travel. The standard carrying case holds the M Series sleep system with integrated humidification. The tubing and mask can be packed in the collapsible front pocket of the carrying case. Optional travel accessories are available for purchase.

    How to Prepare for Travel

    Traveling with the integrated humidification platform
    To prepare for travel (this includes travel to and from the physician or homecare provider):

    1. Unplug the device and pack the cord and power supply in the front compartment of the carry case.
    2. Verify that the humidifier water chamber is empty and completely dry to prevent water from spilling in the device during travel. You may want to place the humidifier water chamber in the collapsible front pocket of the carrying case with your mask and accessories in case you do not have time to dry the humidifier properly.

    Traveling without the integrated humidification platform
    To prepare for travel:

    1. Unplug the device and remove the water chamber.
    2. Remove the tubing and swivel from the outlet port on the back of the device.
    3. Disengage the device from the humidification platform.
    4. Disconnect the power supply from the humidification platform.
    5. Remove the Air Outlet Port from your carry case (located in the front corner pouch in your carrying case) and place it on the back of the device where the tubing is connected. Gently snap it into place. You will be unable to connect the patient breathing circuit to the device if this Air Outlet Port is not present.
    6. Pack the power supply, adapter cord and device in the carry case.

    Airport Travel
    At most airports, security personnel is familiar with sleep apnea devices. If they are not, there is a marking on the bottom of the device that clearly states it is a medical device.

    International Travel
    The power supply works on voltages from 100 to 240 AC. You may need an international plug adapter to make your power cord work in different countries.

    Boat or Motor Home Travel
    If you plan to travel by boat or motor home, Respironics offers a 12-volt DC power cord that can be used to operated Respironics’ CPAP systems for which AC power is not available. The cord plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket found in most automotive vehicles. These can be purchased separately here at

    Elevation Changes
    Sometimes you change elevation as you travel. The REMstar Pro, REMstar Auto, BiPAP Plus and BiPAP Auto automatically adjust to these changes in altitude. You must adjust the altitude setting manually on the REMstar Plus.

    Travel Accessories

    Travel Cases
    For those who prefer not to travel with their humidifier, Respironics offers a compact travel case for the CPAP unit and a lightweight zippered pouch for your mask and accessories. These items will fit nicely into your luggage. The case and accessory bag are available for purchase separately or as a travel pack. Please contact your provider for more information.

    Power Accessories
    Respironics offers several power accessories to enable regular use of your therapy system when away from home. All of these items can be purchased separately here at

    • 12 Volt DC Cord to operate Respironics’ CPAP systems when AC power is not available. The cord plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket found in most automotive vehicles.
    • DC Battery Adapter Cable for use with any 12 VDC deep cycle marine-type battery. Note, the battery adapter must be connected to either the DC Interface Module or the DC Cord to enable operation.
    • Portable Battery Pack provides up to 26 hours of operation and can be recharged in approximately 10 hours or less with the 12V universal battery charger. The entire system is easily transported in a carrying case. The charger and battery may be purchased as a system or separately.
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