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    Men's Compete Orthotics - Insoles for Active Lifestyles- Size 9

    Designed specifically for comfort, support and weight redistribution in athletic, walking and comfort footwear. These tri-density orthotics feature a Pro-Shox® top cover for superior cushioning and shock absorption. Pro-Shox’s high-tech polyester fibers wick moisture away from the foot and provide a cool, friction free surface to prevent blisters and other foot problems.
    Product #: 2315465AT


    • Top Cover Material: CopperGuard® antimicrobial lining
    • Center Cushioning Material: Pro-Shox® polyurethane to absorb shock and reduce impact
    • Performance Base: Aerocell™ polyurethane for high energy return
    • Insole Thickness: .2165"
    • Recommended for: Golfers, Hikers, Walkers and Everyday Activities
    • Best for: Golf Shoes, Hiking boots, Walking shoes, Everyday shoes, sneakers and boots
    Cupped Heel-
    Designed to help cushion and stabilize the back of the foot so you can stay active on your feet all day.
    A high energy return performance base that helps with shock absorption and shape retention.
    -Aetrex Signature Arch Support
    Supporting the arch in the proper place is crucial. Looking at your bare feet, the apex of the arch appears to be in the middle of the foot. An X-ray can confirm the apex is actually further back. The contour, position and height of Aetrex’s unique arch support aligns in the proper place to help support our bodies from the ground up. Our arch placement is proven to help relieve plantar fasciitis and common heel/arch pain. In additional, it helps to support natural alignment, relieving strain on your knees hips and back.
    -Superior Cushioning
    Cushioning is key to relieving high pressure areas when you stand and walk. Enjoy the pain relief and feel like you're walking on clouds with each and every step.
    -Aetrex shoes and orthotics are antimicrobial treated to fight every day odors.