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    Freedom Accommodator Semi-Rigid PRO

    These prefabricated orthotics offer the patient relief from heel and arch pain—right out of the box! Recommended for plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, and pes planus as well as other foot and ankle conditions where support and control are indicated.


    • The base of this multilayered insole is resilient, expanded EVA foam that offers cushioning and shock absorption from heel to toe
    • A structured semi-rigid shell cradles the heel and supports the arch for moderate pronation control. This shell has a Poron™-filled heel window strategically positioned beneath the calcaneus for maximum heel-strike protection
    • A cushioned layer of breathable foam wicks away moisture and is laminated to an antimicrobial treated fabric to help control odor and friction
    • ¾ Length fits a wider variety of shoes
    • Insoles are easily posted
    • Sold in pairs
    • Latex free


    AA5 to 5-1/23 to 3-1/26 to 6-1/24 to 4-1/2
    A6 to 6-1/24 to 4-1/27 to 8-1/25 to 6-1/2
    B7 to 7-1/25 to 5-1/29 to 10-1/27 to 8-1/2
    C8 to 8-1/26 to 6-1/211 to 11-1/29 to 9-1/2
    D9 to 9-1/27 to 7-1/212 to 12-1/210 to 10-1/2
    E10 to 10-1/28 to 8-1/21311 to 11-1/2
    F11 to 11-1/29 to 9-1/214 to 1512 to 13-1/2
    G12 to 12-1/210 to 10-1/2----------
    H1311 to 11-1/2----------
    I/J14 to 1512 to 13----------

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