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    Comfort Plus Orthotic

    The Comfort Plus TM orthotic with the built in met pad reduces pain associated with metatarsalgia and provides extra stability while minimizing bulk and allows for an easy fit due to its low profile. The polypropylene shell will support the arch while our Poron layer offers continuous comfort under the arch, metatarsals, and heel.
    Top CoverBarrettexTM“Breathes”, cools foot, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial
    ComfortPeduraTMShock absorption, comfort
    SupportPolyProTMModerate control and support
    BaseComfortaTMShock absorption, comfort


    Women6 – 7.58 – 8.59 – 9.510 – 10.511 – 11.512+
    Men5 – 6.57 – 7.58 – 8.59 – 9.510 – 10.511 – 1313.5 – 15
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    Dorsal Night Splint for Foot Drop & Plantar Fasciitis

    This dorsal night splint holds your foot upright throughout the night for a gentle, consistent dorsiflexion stretch to your plantar fascia (the tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes), Achilles tendon and calf muscle, easing pain and discomfort caused by Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and foot drop without any surgery.

    Post-Natal FITsplint

    Custom, flexible, slim FIT for optimal postpartum recovery. After pregnancy, women are dealing with some degree of abdominal separation and stretched out core muscles and tissue. Recommend to wear the FITsplint postpartum for 4-6 weeks while doing progressive inner core exercises. Used by physical therapists and athletes worldwide

    PolySorb Walker/Runner Insoles

    PolySorb Walker/Runner Insoles are ideal for walkers, runners and joggers seeking additional comfort and cushioning. They offer increased shock absorption and heel strike protection, all while reducing friction to help prevent blisters. The Insoles also provides and increased energy return for improved athletic performance.