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    Molift Smart 150

    Molift Smart 150 is a home lift that is light, foldable and transportable without tools. Molift Smart 150 is designed to be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. It is designed for home care, for traveling and easy storage. TSA Approved Hard Sided Transport Case - Not included with purchase and must be purchased separately. The Molift RgoSling Series are compatible with the Molift Smart 150.

    The Molift Smart 150

    Folds in one piece without using any tools. Low weight and unique construction. Due to its low weight, the small footprint and the unique construction, Molift Smart 150 is easy to maneuver even in narrow spaces.  Comfortable and safe transfer. The hoisting range of 27 – 168 cm (10.6” – 66.1”) provides an excellent maximum hoisting height and at the same time gets very low, facilitating hoisting from the floor. Standard 4-point sling suspension ensures a comfortable and spacious hoisting position for the user. Molift Smart 150 has been awarded for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council. Comes with battery, plug, and charger.


    Separated, part 1:28 lbs
    Separated, part 2: 28 lbs13 kg


    120 cm

    Width chassis/legs outer

    660 mm

    Width open legs inner

    925 mm

    Leg height

    110 mm


    NiMH 14.4 V – 2.2 Ah

    Battery charge time, hours


    Hoisting height

    270–1665 mm

    Hoisting Speed

    6 cm / sek

    Hoisting interval

    1410 mm

    Rated performance

    40 hoists at: 75 kg and 500 mm

    Service software


    Maximum user weight

    150 kg (330 lbs)


    Aluminium, steel

    4-point suspension

    Standard 4-point suspension ensures comfortable and more spacious hoisting position for the user.

    Foldable without tools

    Designed for homecare and travelling.

    *The following videos are how to safely and correctly use the Molift Smart 150*

    1st video is how to fold and unfold the Molift Smart 150

    2nd video is how to transfer wheelchair to bed

    3rd video is transfer from floor to bed

    This item is not returnable.
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