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    Hoyer Hydraulic Lifter of 400 lbs. capacity

    Hoyer’s most popular lift for homecare Our most popular homecare lift, the HML400 has an ergonomically placed hydraulic pump for ease of use. The pump handle can be rotated from side to side allowing for operation from either side of the lifter. The “U” shaped base can be adjusted for easier access to wheelchairs and other furniture. The HML400 can be disassembled for easy storage.
    Product #: 2HML400J

    • Adjustable U-base for easy seating or toileting
    • Pump handle rotates, allowing operation from either side of lifter
    • Safe working load of 400 lb
    • Disassembles for easy storage

    • Safe working load 400 lb
    • Maximum height to attachment point 62.2"
    • Legs open inside dimension 38"
    • Legs closed outside dimension 25.5"
    • Overall height of legs 4.75"
    • Base opening – hand operated

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    Hoyer 6-Point Quick Fit/Universal Sling

    The additional material on the Hoyer Quick Fit Universal Sling provides a superior, and comfortable lift without the need for side suspenders. It is ideal for individuals who are unable to independently assist themselves, for use with bed to chair, and chair to commode transfers as well as floor pick-ups. The sling works best for bed-to-wheelchair and floor transfers.

    Comfy Deviation Resting Hand Orthosis

    The Deviation Rest Hand Orthosis is appropriate for neuromuscular deformities of flaccid, weak or spastic hand conditions. Soft, five strap closures to hand, wrist, fingers and thumb maintains the hand in a resting position. The Orthosis features a unique patented spine that allows for easy adjustment and readjustment of the wrist, fingers and forearm in flexion and extension. The swivel pivot at the wrist allows for accommodation of ulnar or radial deviation. The headliner cover is super soft, antimicrobial, removable, and helps prevent skin breakdown.

    Invacare Full Body Sling

    Choose a type and size.

    Med-Aire 5" Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Overlay System

    Designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries in the home or long-term care setting, the Med-Aire 5" is an active mattress overlay system featuring 17 individual, 5" deep air cells. The 14025NS can be used on top of any standard foam or innerspring mattress and offers both alternating pressure and low air loss therapy to optimize pressure redistribution, shear and friction reduction, and microclimate control. The easy to use and intuitive control unit also offers a static feature and adjustable patient weight settings for optimal immersion, comfort, and compliance.

    Contour Cervical Pillow

    New cervical sleep support from a 100% memory foam pillow with a crescent shaped cut-out for you neck. Includes soft, velour cover.