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    Skil-Care Classic Vinyl Bed Side Rail Pad

    Attaching and Using Bed Rail Pads Assembly is quick and easy as the pads include a hook and loop design. The straps provide an added level of security. Insert the padded layers between the bed rails and the mattress. The pads extend below the mattress for a larger area of coverage. Security and safety are very important while in bed and these bed rails provide comfort along with preventing users from falling out of bed.

    Senior Bed Rails Safety Features

    The bed rails are made of foam padding with a vinyl cover that protects from mildew build up. The cover of the pads is also non allergenic for those with allergies to common materials found in other pads and cushions. Being durable and resistant the cover wipes can be cleaned with a damp cloth for a sanitary and safe sleeping environment. Other safety benefits of bed side rails include that of preventing users from falling out of bed or getting injured from bed arms and frames.

    Comfort Every Night

    Easily attach the side rail cushion to any bed with sides for increased comfort, safety, and security each night. Reduce the worry of injuries during the night with foam padded rails. This product is intended to be used in the comfort of your own bed without causing restrictions to movement while providing comfort and support. No hassle with attaching, cleaning, and removing and less worry while getting a great night's rest.


    • Foam padded and vinyl covered for maximum bedside comfort and support through the night
    • Increased protection as the pads insert directly between bed rails and mattress on both sides of the bed
    • Comprised of non-allergenic and mildew-resistant material for greater durability and safety
    • Bed side rail cushion easily secure to the bed with hook and loop fasteners for security and safety
    • A protective and resistant cover makes for quick and easy cleaning

    (Pads Only, Bed Rails sold separetly)

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