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    Sling Leg Shearing Sleeves- Pair

    The Sling Leg Shearing Sleeves help prevent shearing under the patient’s thighs.
    Product #: 2365856PC

    When starting to lift, the Sling leg material under the thighs adjusts itself as it is being pulled up by the hoist. The material may shear against fragile skin. This could cause a wound if it is directly in contact with the patient’s skin. This padded foam product allows the Sling to move inside the sleeve, without disturbing the patient’s tender skin.

    TO USE

    Slide the two Sling Leg Shearing Sleeves over the two leg sections of the Sling before putting the Sling under the patient. Ensure that the material join and product label are on the underside. The flat part of the sleeve goes next to the patient’s leg. This means the leg is not resting on the seam.