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    Hoyer® 700 lb. Bariatric Patient Lift

    Best-in-class-value bariatric lift includes technology to promote user compliance REQUEST QUOTE
    Product #: 281604552J

    The enhanced and improved Hoyer HPL700 is a uniquely designed, electronically operated patient lift for the safe lifting of a diverse patient population, including bariatric patients. It is both sturdy and robust with a safe working load of 700 lb, and is compatible with multiple spreader bars, allowing caregivers to use this one lift for patients considered bariatric and non-bariatric alike. It has been designed to be configured with or without a seamlessly integrated weigh scale that has a two-sided digital display and user-friendly controls. The HPL700 is also equipped with unique Hoyer Smart Monitor technology that accurately records and displays vital lift utilization and service data to help improve safety for both patients and caregivers, facilitate the lift’s maintenance and optimize the product’s lifetime.

    • Safe working load 700 lb
    • Lifting range 23.3" to 69"
    • Legs open inside dimension 42.3"
    • Legs closed outside dimension 27.5"
    • Overall height of legs 4.5"
    • Two (2) batteries and offboard charger
    • Powered base

    • Interchangeable spreader bars
    • Power operated base
    • Hoyer Smart Monitor
    • Oversized handles to easily move the lift
    • Optional scale


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