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    Hoyer Advance Portable Folding Patient Lift: Electric

    Great transfer range and a tools-free, folding design for easy transport and compact storage. Safe working load 340 lb. Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts BATTERY PACK AVAILABLE

    The Advance's unique swan-neck leg design can get close to even the widest of obstacles yet folds simply and completely for storage. And its 13.7" minimum height allows it to transfer from the floor to the bed with ease.

    The legs on the Hoyer Advance Patient Lift are adjustable for width and can enable access around armchairs and wheelchairs with ease. The leg adjuster pedal located at the rear of the base is compressed DOWN to open the legs upward and UP to close the legs and can be carried out while carrying the patient if the lift is moving.


    Lifts Patient from Floor:Yes
    Power Operated Base:No
    Base Width Open:42.50"
    Base Width Closed:26.30"
    Internal Base Width - Open:39.30"
    Internal Base Width - Closed:22.40"
    Lifting Range:15.3" to 66.5"
    Furniture Clearance Needed:4.50"
    Base Height:4.50"
    Overall Height:73.00"
    Overall Length:51.00"
    Caster Size - Front:3.00"
    Caster Size - Rear:3.90"
    Ground Clearance:1.10"
    Disassembles for Transport/Storage:Yes
    Sling Types:4-Point Sling 
    6-Point Sling
    Overall Product Weight69.9 lbs.
    Battery:2 x 12 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid type
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