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    Freedom Transfer Patient Lift

    An exclusive patented design by Mobile Patient Lift, the Freedom Transfer Patient Lift Chair is designed with the caregiver and patient in mind as an alternative to traditional Patient Lifts, Stand Assist Lifts and Hoyer Lifts. Designed to eliminate the difficulties of patient transfer providing an easier and safer solution restoring one's ability move about their home, facility or anywhere patient transfer is required.
    Product #: 232513BM
    • Innovative Design : The Freedom Patient Lift Chair offers an innovative design that's loaded with features. Designed to support a person from a seated position eliminating the need of a patient lift sling or having to hoist a person into the air. The Freedom battery powered portable transfer chair features an adjustable height seat, built-in or a detachable controls, four wheels with locks, collapsible front push handles, adjustable seatbelt, washable seat cushion and removable commode pail.
    • 150 Transfers Per Charge : The Patient Transfer Chair was designed with a powerful and smart battery to keep you moving. The concealed battery located behind the footrest for easy charging offers a battery life indicator that can be charged in as little as four hours. A fully charged battery can accommodate up to 150 patient lifts.
    • Safer And Easier Lift : Medical Patient Lifts are a crucial elderly assistance product for individuals or caretakers when it comes to safe patient transfer. The Freedom eliminates the need for uncomfortable patient lift slings, having to hoist a patient into the air, requiring more than one caretaker to ensure maximum lift safety when compared to Hoyers Lifts, Stand Up Lifts and various other Home Use Patient Transfer Devices.
    • Designed To Go Anywhere : Regain your Freedom, No longer take hours just to transfer too your favorite places with ease: In and Out of your bed, to the bathroom, a shower chair, your favorite couch, kitchen table, outside and more is once again a possibility with the Freedom Patient Transfer Lift Chair. Ensure you are checking the clearance of your desired spots before purchasing.


    • Quantity : 1 Each
    • Dimensions : 22.3" x 34.5"/42.5" x 25"
    • Material : Steel, Aluminum
    • Color : White, Black
    • Weight Capacity : 250 lbs.
    • Seat Size : 19.5" wide 16.3" deep
    • Seat Height : 15.5/23.5" (adjustable)
    • Front Wheel Size : 5"
    • Rear Wheel Size : 3"
    • Length : 25"
    • Width : 22.3"
    • Height : 34.5"/42.5"(adjustable)
    • Weight : 60 lbs.
    • Folded Width : 22.3"
    • Folded Height : 34.5"