Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat

The Carousel is the only transfer bench that incorporates a padded seat base, backrest and pivoting armrests for the ultimate in safety and comfort.
Manufacturer: Platinum Health
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  • Overall horizontal travel Seat: 12"
  • Adjustable width armrests: 17" narrowest and 19" widest (inside dimension between armrests).
  • Leg height adjustment increment: every 0.5"
  • Width of frame (right to left): 34" in highest position setting and 33" in lowest position setting
  • Height to top of backrest: 35" in highest position setting
  • Depth of frame (front to back): 20" in highest position setting and 22" in lowest position setting
  • Seat height adjustment: 19" lowest, 23.5" highest
  • Seat belt is included
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.


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