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    EXOS FORM II 626

    The BOA® Fit System is a dial-based performance fit system that is engineered with high quality, durable materials that enable a microadjustable connection that’s built to perform. Each unique configuration is engineered for power without compromising precision in order to deliver a seamless connection between equipment and body.
    • ComfortCORE™ Foam

      Conforms to the unique contours of a patient’s body, adjusts to individual movements.
    • Diamond2 Grid™

    • BOA® Fit System

      The micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System allows for a fast, effortless, precision fit through a customizable and seamless level of support.
    • Adjustable Belt Wings

      Modifiable belt accommodates varying patient body structures for optimal fit.
    • Modular Design

      Step-up / Step-down design allows for single brace use through rehabilitation and recovery.
    • Semi-Universal Sizing

      Removable circumference tape allows for accurate patient sizing.

    EXOS FORM II 62628 - 50 in (71 - 127 cm)≤ 69 in (≤ 175 cm)S/M
    EXOS FORM II 62651 - 61 in (130 - 155cm)≥ 69 in (≥ 175 cm)L/XL
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