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    ObusForme Back Belts- Male, Black

    Designed to promote proper posture and good body mechanics to help maintain a healthy back, reduce back pain and prevent back pain injuries due to lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, exercising and repetitive bending or twisting.


    • Conforms and supports the lower back, promoting muscle relaxation and proper alignment of the back
    • Increases the flexibility of the stomach and back muscles by keeping them warm
    • Provides intra-abdominal support to help support the spine take weight off the lower back
    • Built-in, ventilated lumbar pad provides additional support to the lumbar area
    • Breathable nylon mesh wrap with adjustable hook and loop front closure holds the belt in place
    • Lightweight; Sleek, stylish, low profile. Wear on top of or under clothing
    • Designed for industrial and/or personal usage; any profession and task where proper posture and good body mechanics are important
    • Ideal for mild low back pain, strains, or sprains
    • Beneficial when used in conjunction with a rehabilitation program
    • All materials are hypoallergenic; hand-wash
    • Available Sizes:
      • Small-Medium: S-M (26”-32” / 66-81 cm) (BB-ML1-SM)
      • Medium-Large: M-L (30”-36” / 76 cm-92cm) (BB-ML1-ML)
      • Large-Extra Large: L-XL (37”-43” / 94 – 109cm) (BB-ML1-LX)
      • Extra Extra Large: XXL (44”-60” / 112-152cm) (BB-ML1-XLX)
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