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    Horizon™ 631 LSO

    Designed to provide trunk stability to fatigued muscles which can lead to acute and chronic low back pain, the Horizon™ 631 LSO provides a therapeutic level of compression for patients recovering from surgery or injury. Its low profile design can be comfortably worn underneath clothing. One size adjustable, the Horizon 631 LSO comfortably fits waist sizes ranging from 24-50 inches, and up to 70 inches with the extension panels. To further support patient recovery, Horizon braces can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO for treatment of recurring ailments.
    Product #: 2993720AP

    Size Chart

    • Adjustable
      24in (61cm) – 50in (127cm)
    Product Features:
    One Size Adjustable

    One Size Adjustable

    Pull-through sizing mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustment, without the use of tools. Embroidered size indicators makes it easy to fit and adjust sizes.

    Targeted Independent Tightening Mechanism
    Targeted Independent Tightening Mechanism

    Aspen’s patented 4:1 mechanically advantaged SlickTrack™ tightening system independently tightens top and bottom allowing patients to localize compression where they need it to support fatigued muscles that spasm.

    Integrated Anterior Panels
    Integrated Anterior Panels

    Anterior panels at each end of the brace overlap to provide added midline support. Featuring Aspen's innovative FlexTabs™, these panels disperse pressure and naturally conform to each patient's anatomy to help increase comfort.

    Reliable Structural Integrity
    Reliable Structural Integrity

    Tri band technology system and integrated vertical stays provide stability and maintain structural integrity to help ensure effective compression and flexibility.

    Steps Down to Support Recovery
    Steps Down to Support Recovery
    How Do I Clean The Brace?

    Use a mild soap and water to clean the brace by hand. Rinse thoroughly and pat out any excessive moisture. Allow to air dry completely. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals or machine wash/dry.

    Extra panels item 2993745AS

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    Horizon™ Extension Panels

    Additional Length 20in (51cm)