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    Knit-Rite Compressogrip AK Shrinker, Antimicrobial, Hip Band, 25-30mmHg Compression

    The Knit-Rite Compressogrip A/K is a prosthetic shrinker specifically designed for above-the-knee amputees. Knit-Rite borrows the same patented advancements of the B/K Compressogrip shrinker and adds improvements such as circular knit construction, universal waist belt and multidirectional stretch. This Knit-Rite shrinker is constructed using X-Static fiber for odor management and antimicrobial. The Compressogrip fabric offers 25-30mmHg compression at 50% stretch, which is within limits for therapeutic benefits. The Knit-Rite A/K Compressogrip fits either left or right above knee (transfemoral) amputees.
    • Compressogrip AK shrinker is more affordable and easier to apply than traditional AK shrinkers
    • Multidirectional stretch offers a better fitting prosthetic shrinker
    • Knit-Rite Compressogrip circular knit construction along with higher elastic power creates a heavier fabric
    • Incorporates X-Static for odor and antimicrobial feature
    • 25-30mmHg compression
    • Universal AK belt prevents your shrinker from rolling down especially during night time
    • Available in silver X-Static
    • Made in the USA
    • Sold individually in a sealed polybag


    • Gray: 89% (95% Polyester/5% X-Static blend), 11% Spandex, Latex Free

    Adjust your A/K Knit-Rite compressogrip for either a left or right amputation and then secure velcro stays. Apply to your residual limb. Fasten the universal belt, cutoff unused end and discard. Snug the plastic ring to the bottom of your residuum. Reflect the second layer over the first layer. Identify how far the second layer should extend to your groin and mark with a marker. Pull the second layer down, cut to length and discard excess. In all cases, the second layer should be cut below the groin level to prevent “roll back.” For limbs presenting significant taper (conical), it may be advisable for the second layer to be left shorter to avoid greater compression along the top of your limb.


    Attach hook to pile before washing. Machine wash warm, no bleach; dry low.


    The Knit-Rite A/K Compressogrip shrinker features a higher compression power than the B/K Compressogrip shrinkers. At 50% stretch this fabric provides 25-30mmHg compression. At 100% stretch the compression is doubled. Double layers will double compression at both 50% and 100% stretch. Application of more than two layers, or more than 100% stretch, may exceed the limits of desired therapeutic pressure.

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    Knit-Rite Compressogrip BK Prosthetic Shrinker with X-STATIC is a prosthetic shrinker designed with below-knee wearer acceptance and ease of application in mind. Its tubular shape allows BK amputees to control or vary compression for post amputation surgery edema management. Easily double the layers of the Compressogrip BK shrinker to better manage volume control. Doubling the shrinker layers will create double the compression regardless of how taut you pull the Compressogrip prosthetic shrinker. Please consult with your Prosthetist before applying more than two layers, which may exceed the desired therapeutic pressure. Controlled compression is a treatment for hypertrophic scarring along your residual limb. The Compressogrip B/K Elastic Shrinker contains X-Static fibers to inhibit odor causing bacteria in the garment and wick moisture away from your residual limb. X-STATIC - The Silver Fiber reacts with human body chemistry and is used for its therapeutic qualities in many medical products. More than 12 years of published clinical research supports X-STATIC's safety and claims