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    The KX2 Stand-Up Portable Urinal Holder

    This patented device is intended to hold a standard, portable urinal by attaching to a standard walker and allows a person to stand and urinate with or without assistance. This is the only device available on the market that independently assists a standing patient while urinating and then holds the urinal until ready to be emptied.
    Product #: 2985KX2

    Urinal Holder Benefits

    • Complete emptying of bladder
      • Standing is the preferred position for males to empty their bladder
      • Horizontal bed position increases chances of incomplete bladder emptying and infection
      • Some patients are too weak to get on and off of a commode; but can stand with assistance
    • Convenience
      • Easier to use than a bedpan or bedside commode
      • Eliminates walking to bathroom
      • One universal size; attaches easily with Velcro straps to a standard walker
      • Easy to adjust position and angle of the urinal opening
      • Easy to put on and take off
      • Holds urinal with no spilling; may empty urinal when convenient
    • Independence
      • Depending on strength and ability, may use with or without assistance from a caregiver; especially useful during the night or any time of the day if it is difficult to get to the bathroom
    • Value
      • Made from heavy duty vinyl with industrial grade nylon thread
      • Easy to clean; will withstand high temperatures for sterilization
      • Includes a standard urinal