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    Peritoneal Dialysis Belt (Individual)

    Sizing The PD-Belt™ comes in 5 convenient sizes to accommodate a wide range of patients. For sizing measure around abdomen a few inches above the exit site. X-Small (16"-24"), Small (23"-36"), Medium (30"-44"), Large (36"-48"), X-Large (46"-58")

    The elastic PD-Belt™ stretches and is adjustable at the Velcro closure which, depending upon your catheter exit site position should be placed on your left or right side. The PD-Belt™ has been designed to be worn at all times and for all activities; day and night, while exercising, working, resting, sleeping, eating, showering and especially when you are doing your Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) exchanges.

    A three-belt package will last approximately four months with continual wear and normal intervals of laundering. A three-belt package also allows you to have a clean, dry belt on hand when laundering your used belt.

    Our PD catheter belt is designed with additional material to allow adjustment of the belt throughout the day.

    Proudly made in the USA