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    My LEDA Lower Extremity Dressing Aid

    Lightweight, flexible frame with cord loop handle and foam grip for putting on pants without bending.
    Product #: 299OMOS

    The LEDA Lower Extremity Dressing Aid is a simple dressing tool designed to help users pull on clothing from a sitting or standing position. This small, easy-to-use dressing aid is flexible and lightweight.

    Users who are unable to bend at the hip, have had hip, knee, or back surgery, or have a condition such as stroke or MS that impairs balance and strength and have difficulty dressing will find this tool to be a helpful solution. The LEDA Lower Extremity Dressing Aid helps increase independence for users who need assistance with lower body dressing.

    The figure 8 style frame includes a cord loop handle with a large foam grip. The attached cord and foam handle allow the user to lower the frame to the floor and then pull the pants up without bending over. The length of the rope is 70 inches and should be cut to a comfortable length for the user.

    How to use My LEDA

    1. The user places the pants leg through the openings in the frame and wraps the waistband around the top of the frame.

    2. The frame is then lowered to the floor for the user to place their legs into the openings.

    3. Finally, the user lifts the frame with the pants attached using the foam grip handle and attached cord.

    The LEDA Lower Extremity Dressing Aid Specifications:

    • Measures: 21 inches long and 8 inches wide.
    • Each leg opening measures: 8.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide.
    • Made of: Polypropylene.
    • Includes: LEDA, rope, foam handle

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