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    Angled Cutlery Left and Right Hands

    Angled fork. teaspoon and soup spoon for right or left hands. Choose grip preference: Featherlite or Comfort Grip.

    Featherlite line of cutlery angled specifically for Left and Right Hands

    Comfort Grip Utensils angled specifically for Left and Right Hands

    • Cutlery with a grip designed to give independence at meal time.
    • These utensils allow maximum user control with minimum effort.
    • Useful in both institutions and at home.
    • The comfort grip has a soft vinyl coating with finger indentations for a secure grip.
    • Suited for persons with poor grasp with a 7/8" (22mm) diameter grip.
    • Light weight, 85 grams (3oz) each.
    • Dishwasher Safe.
    • Latex Free.
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