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    S’up Spoon

    .The S’up Spoon reduces spillage, promotes social interaction and allows a wider diet for those with shaky hands or tremors. The spoon has a cavity in the handle that acts as a holding point for food. This design reduces spillage even with vigorous or shaky movements. This enables those with shaky hands to eat a wider variety of food, including loose and liquid based food such as soup, rice or even ice-cream.
    Product #: 2SUPSPOONAH

    The S’up Spoon was developed in conjunction with Grant by Glasgow-based consultancy 4c Design. The spoon head has a deeper cavity to hold contents more securely and reduce spillage. It is in no way singled out as an assistive device thanks to its sleek contours and matte black finishing. This means that the user can confidently eat out in public. It is, perhaps, simply a new perspective on the humble spoon.

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