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    Echo Line Reclining Shower/Commode Chair with Pail**OVERSIZED**

    Features deluxe elongated open front seat, folding footrest and push/pull safety bar.
    Product #: 2555508MJM

    Features deluxe elongated open front seat, folding footrest and push/pull safety bar. Includes pail. Backrest adjusts to four positions 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°. Twin threaded stem 3" casters.

    Internal width20 in.
    External width24 in.
    Fully reclined length61 in.
    Weight capacity250 lbs.

    • Reclining design makes showering easier and more comfortable.
    • Sturdy, rustproof PVC frame is long-lasting and strong.
    • Fold-down footrests offer comfortable support for the lower body.
    • Included pail allows easy use as a freestanding commode.
    • Easy assembly makes set-up a breeze.
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