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    Self-Propelled Shower Chair

    This user-propelled shower chair is lightweight, strong, portable, durable, and with easy adjustability to make it adaptable to nearly any living situation. With 20″ wheels and oversized hand-rims that allow the user to self-propel, this model was designed for the more independent user.
    Product #: 2402035NP


    • Modular design with built-in adjustment features and made-in-the-USA.
    • Standard 17”x17” seat size with optional 17”x20” configuration.
    • Hand-wrapped Naugahyde cushions.
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel components.
    • Two 20″ wheels in the rear and two 5″ casters in the front.


    • Fits over standard and taller ADA compliant toilets and can roll right into barrier-free showers.
    • Customizable to fit larger or smaller users and unique bathroom configurations.
    • Cushions provide softness and texture needed by people who are susceptible to skin issues.
    • Constructed of materials that won’t rust or corrode.
    • This chair can be rolled right into a barrier-free shower.


    • Overall width: 27″ from outside hand-rim to outside hand-rim
    • Height Adjustable: Seat-to-Floor = 22.0” to 24.0”
    • Approximate weight: 38lbs
    • Weight capacity: 300lbs
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