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    Skil-Care® Wedge with Slider Sheet- Bed Wedge with Nylon Slider Sheet and hook

    Safely turn and reposition patients with this wedge and slider sheet system. Nylon sheet reduces friction while sliding a patient.

    The slider sheet is available in a mesh option so it can be used on a low air loss mattress without interfering with the benefits of the mattress. The wedge provides secure bed positioning and prevents bed roll-off. Simple to use. Slider sheet is 48" x 54"; machine wash and dry.

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    The MovEase Underpad can also be placed on a wheelchair, armchair or sofa. Four nylon handles, two on each side of the underpad, assist the caregiver in turning, boosting and repositioning. The handles are recessed to reduce the possibility of entrapment.

    Economy Transfer Belt w/QR Buckle, 6 Loops

    Extra wide soft nylon belt provides greater contact area with patients.

    EZ GRIP Utensil Set Knife,Fork,Teaspoon,Tablespoon Kit Weighted

    EZ GRIP Utensil Set Knife, Fork, Teaspoon, Tablespoon Kit Weighted

    Prevalon Heel Protector I, II, III/XL

    Soft, adjustable straps position the foot and ankle securely, leaving the toes and heel exposed. It’s a comfortable and effective way to help reduce the risk of heel injury. Help prevent pressure injuries with a Prevalon Heel Protector. Choose Product: Prevalon Heel Protector I, II, III, each sold separately.

    Economy Overbed Table

    Ideal for activities involving hemi, super-hemi, pediatric height wheelchairs and low beds