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    No-Lift Booster with Handles

    Help ease caregiver back strain by making it easier to boost the resident toward the headboard. Position the resident on top of the “No-Lift” BOOSTER as you would with a draw sheet.


    • Boost patient without lifting
    • Eases caregiver back strain
    • Grab the reinforced edges of the top tube layer, or by the handles, and slide it upward
    • Remove from beneath resident after each use
    • Optional hanging Mesh Storage Bags (sold separately)
    • Color is Black
    • Disposable Single-Patient-Use option for infection control


    • Standard Flat Dimensions: 29"W x 52"L (Standard), Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
    • Bariatric Flat Fimensions: 46"W x 46"L, Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
    • Machine wash, air dry
    • Disinfectant safe
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    Econo Leg Spacer With Cover

    The Econo Leg Spacer is designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. Our spacer fits comfortably between your legs and keeps them in alignment with your spine. Helps to relieve pressure on joints and improve circulation to lower extremities. The special contoured design stays in place and moves with you without the need for straps. Made of precision cut, high quality foam. Included cover is removable and hand-washable. Standard 10 x 8 x 6 inches.

    Chrome Knurled Grab Bar

    If you find yourself experiencing balance problems or fatigue when entering, exiting, or standing in the shower, the Chrome Knurled Grab Bar can help. The bar attaches securely to your shower wall, giving you a strong and secure handhold. Easy to use, the bar installs easily for enhanced bathroom accessibility.

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    U-Turn Bolster

    Patient Turning Device Bed Medical Turning Device assists in turning resident in bed.