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    Posey Side Rail Wedges, 35"L x 17"H x 2"D

    Side Rail Wedges rise 11 inches above the surface of the bed mattress to provide maximum patient protection. These wedges can span the length of the bed sides or close the gap between split bed rails. In combination with Horseshoe Wedges, these Side Rail Protectors can completely surround the perimeter of a patient's bed by zipping together. Posey Side Rail Wedges are made with a soft foam padding material and include vinyl covers that can be easily wiped clean with liquid detergents. Posey Rail Protectors are recommended to prevent patients from injuring themselves by attempting to leave their beds without assistance or by entangling themselves in their bed rails. They attach to the bed with easy to use hook and loop straps.
    Product #: 2929167PO

    Product Specifications

    • Material: Foam padding with vinyl covers
    • Attachment: Hook and loops
    • Care: Wipe clean

    Posey Side Rail Wedges help protect patients from injury by helping close the gaps around the perimeter of the mattress and by cushioning the side rails and the headboard or footboard. They also help to deter the patient’s release of restraints. Each Side Rail Wedge attaches with hook and loop straps and is made of durable, medium density foam and covered in soft, water- repellent vinyl. Meets CA #117, Section E Flame Retardancy Standards.

    35”Lx17”Hx2”D (89cmx43cmx5cm)


    Side Rail Wedges will not prevent a determined patient from exiting the bed, going over or attempting to go between or through side rail gaps. DO NOT articulate bed if product is applied. ALWAYS follow your facility’s policies and procedures for patient assessment, monitoring and rehabilitation.

    Application Instructions:

    1. Inspect product prior to use. DO NOT use soiled or damaged products.

    1. With the bed flat, position the Side Rail Wedge on the inside of the side rail so that the wedge fits snugly between the mattress and the side rail (Fig. 1).

    2. Open the hook and loop straps and reapply them so that the Side Rail Wedge is secured to the side rail.

    3. Check for proper fit. Modified beds may not be compatible with Posey Side Rail Wedges.

    Side Rail Wedges have multiple uses:

    page1image3371693344 page1image3371693616

    Use one to close the gap between the half side rails. Use one to cover the half side rail at the head or foot of the bed.
    Zip two together to provide full length protection up to 6’ (1.83 m) of double half rails, three quarter, or full side rails.

    Use one at the head or foot of the bed to cover/ protect the headboard or footboard.

    page1image3371758432 page1image3371758752 page1image3371759008 page1image3371759328

    Cleaning Instructions:

    Wipe clean with soap and water or disinfectant.

    Storage and Handling

    This device is designed for use in normal indoor environments. This device may be stored in ambient warehouse temperatures at normal humidity levels. Avoid excess moisture or high humidity that may damage product materials.

    This item is not returnable.
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