PROTOCOLD® Cold Therapy Wraps & Pads

Cold Therapy Wraps & Pads
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Protocold® Quarter Size Pad

PROTOCOLD® Quarter Size Pad 4" x 8". Reusable Cold therapy pad that complies with medically accepted protocols For Elbow, Wrist, & Ankle  Includes securing wrap

Protocold® Half Size 8.5" x 12"

PROTOCOLD®  Half Size Pad 8.5" x 12". Reusable for shoulder, back, legs, Includes securing wrap.

Protocold® Standard Size Pad 12" x 16"

PROTOCOLD®  Standard Size Pad 12" x 16". Reusable for Back, Hip, Shoulder includes securing wrap

Protocold® Eye Wrap 4.5" x 8.5"

Reusable Cold Therapy pad for Sinus Areas & Eyes

Protocold® Tri-versal Wrap 6.5" x 18"

Reusable Cold Therapy for Neck, Shoulders, and Hips.

Protocold® Small Pad 4.5" x 12"

Reusable Cold therapy for Elbow, Wrist, & Ankle Inlcudes securing wrap

Pro-Tec Shin Splint Compression Wrap

The Pro-Tec™ Shin Splint Compression Wrap not only reduces additional damage, it alleviates pain and enhances the healing process. In addition, targeted pressure will absorb stress to the tibia. The Cool Max covered felt compression strip provides additional support and comfort. Hook and loop tabs allow you to customize your fit for the most targeted compression specific to your body.

Nylatex Wraps, Pack of 3

Hold therapeutic applications in place during treatment. Can be used with muscle stimulator electrodes, steam packs, and cold packs. Make excellent slings and tennis elbow wraps. Several sizes available. Reusable.