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    Foot Support- The Foot Supports are for deconditioned patients unable to lift and hold their feet against the Kickplate surface. Designed to accommodate the elderly, those patients suffering from MS, or recovering from strokes, this accessory enables both closed chain and small range proprioceptive activities

    Proprioceptive Disk- This circular inflatable accessory provides a useful, unstable surface environment for proprioception drills in the Shuttle's micro-gravity environment

    Proprioceptive Disk Holder Only- This accessory holds the Proprioceptive Disk against the kickplate allowing for various position placement

    Wobble Board - Red Aluminum with Hanger- Made of aluminum, our wobble board's unique design provides two angles of slope allowing different degrees of flexion. It is easy to adjust both laterally and vertically and easy to remove on and off the kickplate

    Graphic Kickplate Cover- Number Grid (24 x 30") and Graphic Kickplate Cover- Wall Chart Protocols (24 x 30")- These colorful kickplate covers offer instructions for the user on foot placement and protocols on all Shuttle Recovery, 2000-1, and MVP models