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    Cryocup Ice Massage Tool

    Take it anywhere for immediate pre or post activity ice massage.
    Product #: 25223NC


    • Ergonomic, insulated Comfort Grip barrel for controlled ice massage.
    • Unique Cap design easy to pop open with wet hands.
    • Allows full range of controlled massage pressure.
    • Affordable, small and easy to carry - fits in sports bag or car glove box.
    • Convenient, easy to use, cost-effective icer.
    • Made of plastic with cool retardant handle; simply fill cup with water and freeze.
    • Ready to use for ice massage, sensory stimulation, or splint cooling.
    • Indefinitely reusable, easy to sterilize, and comfortable to manipulate.
    • An ideal tool for the clinic or home.
    • Effective treatments in 5-10 min. vs. 20 min. for passive ice packs.
    • Quick deep tissue penetration focused on target areas.
    • Effective therapy for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries.
    • Immediate ice massage increases treatment effectiveness, speeds recovery.
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