Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Packs - Hot/Cold Mitt 8"x13"

Portable Microwave Heat Packs
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Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Packs - Cervical 5"x16"

Combines the convenience of mobility with the benefits of long-term therapy. The crystal fill will never decay or deteriorate, does not smell and prevents the formation of mold, fungus or mildew. The 5" x 16" size is designed to wrap around the neck, jaw, sinus or any small joint for convenient, portable moist heat therapy.

Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Packs - Knee- Medium 9" x 12"

Good2Go™ microwavable heat packs provide convenient, portable moist heat by utilizing clean, non-allergenic crystal beads that provide more moisture than grain-filled products. 9" x 12" size fits a variety of uses for convenient, portable moist heat therapy. Relieve back or joint pain, whether it is caused by arthritis, injury or simple muscle strain and overuse.

Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Pack- Large 12" x 16"

Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Therapy in a large (12" x 16") size to treat the back, abdomen or hip.

Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Pack - Shoulder 13" x 14"

The Good2Go™ Shoulder unit is designed to surround the entire joint in comforting moist heat therapy. The 13” x 14” Shoulder unit contains a patented filling, composed of non-allergenic crystals that do not leak, develop unpleasant odors or encourage the growth of mold and fungus.