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    Good2Go Microwave Moist Heat Pack- Large 12" x 16"

    Good2Go Microwave Moist Heat Therapy in a large (12" x 16") size to treat the back, abdomen or hip.
    Product #: 2565213BC

    Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Therapy in a large (12" x 16") size to treat the back, abdomen or hip. Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Therapy products feature a plush, multi-ply cover, designed to focus heat toward the body and provide a snug, secure fit.  This “unplugged” version of moist heat therapy offers the maximum in portability and convenience.  The patented non-allergenic crystal fill does not leak, smell or encourage the growth of fungus, and the porous surface traps up to 40% of it's weight in atmospheric moisture.

    Simply place in the microwave to get it to heat to the desired temperature you need. And then it will adjust to the area and provide as much heat as is needed. The heat penetrates deeply through the muscles and joints.

    It works great for those suffering from arthritis. The item is great for almost anyone, including children, and those suffering from pain in the back, from aching joints, muscles. It also works great for those who just need a nice massage in those areas. It is easy to use with very little instructions. It is flexible and comes wrapped in a flexible, stretchable material that provides maximum comfort and application. No worries about leaking or getting wet, the material is protected. It is very thin but durable and has no odor. There is no medication included. It uses natural heat to address pains, aches, and sores. Keep away from children. And follow directions when using. Do not apply treatment to areas that don't need treatment. If suffering from certain illnesses, consult your doctor before using.

    This item is not returnable.
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