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    SMART-Mirror Neuro re-education panel

    SMART-Mirror™Neuro re-education panel
    Product #: 2568892NC

    Use to treat upper extremity pain and limited motion due to phantom limb, hemiparesis, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome or following hand surgery. Helps enhance motor planning and reduce kinesiophobia. The SMART-Mirror™ (Sensory Motor Activity Re-Trainer) can be used for mirror therapy or as the final stage of graded motor imagery. Innovative features include the ability to position the mirror between 90° - 65° for individualized viewing comfort. Easy setup for one-handed use while in the clinic or at home. Three ventilation windows assist with air flow and allow therapists to observe movement. Sleek design offers function, mirror protection and compact storage. May be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth or mild soap and water solution. Visible shatter-proof mirror area measures 8" x 13.4" (20 x 34cm). Weight: 2-3/4 lbs. (1.2kg).

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