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    GloboPed Postop

    The ready-made GloboPed Postop forefoot relief orthosis helps wounds to heal (after operations) in the forefoot and anterior metatarsal area. The shortened foot tread area (without forefoot support) and moderate dorsiflexed foot position relieve the pressure on the area that needs it when walking. The orthosis surrounds the ankle and has a stabilizing molded heel counter to ensure the necessary secure hold in the shoe. The three Velcro fastenings make the orthosis easy to use. The durable upper material can be washed, making it easier to clean. The GloboPed Postop forefoot relief orthosis can be used on either the left or right foot.


    • Shortened foot tread area, without forefoot support
    • Moderate dorsiflexed foot position
    • Stability provided by the molded heel counter
    • Easy to use thanks to three Velcro fastenings
    • Washable shoe upper