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    Lite Ankle Brace

    Mueller Lite Ankle Brace allows full vertical mobility, yet still helps prevent rollover injuries. Padded side guards and hinged lower swivel make this brace ideal for volleyball and basketball.
    Product #: 255114001MU


    • Provides maximum protection with full ankle flexibility
    • Padded, rigid side supports help guard against inversion sprains, while hinges allow full range of motion
    • Features one convenient strap for easy on and off
    • Fits shoe sizes from women's 8 to men's 17
    • Latex free
    • Hand wash cold with mild detergent


    • Wear brace over sock
    • Place brace inside shoe first. Brace imprint indicates outside of ankle for proper placement
    • Step into shoe and align the pivot points with ankle bones on both sides (Higher ankle bone is on inside.)
    • Secure shells with the adjustable top strap
    • Allow brief break-in period while brace adjusts to your ankle


    • One size fits women's 8 - 18, fits men's 7 - 17

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