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    GTS™ Great Toe Splint

    The GTS – Great Toe Splint is an adjustable, postoperative splint. Indicated for relief of symptoms associated with hallux valgus and other great toe joint conditions. Manufactured with lightweight neoprene and nylon, the GTS can be worn day and night, and its form-fitting design easily accommodates suitable footwear.

    Item sold as one (1) splint. Available in right and left options.


    • Maintains alignment
    • 24 hour support
    • Helps relieve painful bunions
    • Can be worn postoperatively
    SizeWomens’s Shoe SizeMen’s Shoe Size
    Small5 – 7.53.5 – 6
    Large8 – 116.5 – 9.5

    • Indications > Hallux valgus and other great toe joint conditions
    • Contraindications > No contraindications are known.
    • Cleaning Instructions/Maintenance > When the GTS™ is slightly dirty, clean it with a damp cloth or a soft brush. > Allow the GTS™ to air dry only.

    Instructions for use:

    Place the toe cup over the big toe. Position connecting strap along the side of the foot. Place your heel in the heel cup formed by the strap. Apply the hook and loop strap snugly around the top of the foot. Secure strap to ensure hook and loop isn’t rubbing the top of the foot. Final adjustments may be made by easing the strap-A through slot-B and either pulling it tighter or looser as required. Move the top strap forward to increase the tension or back to decrease it.


    Please always follow these instructions for use. In case of pain or swelling, discontinue use and consult your medical provider immediately. This device is designed to assist recovery and should be used exclusively under the instruction of and in consultation with a healthcare professional. DARCO® International Inc. does not assume any responsibility for misuse of the product. It is advisable to wear dressings or socks with the GTS™. Do not drive a vehicle while you are wearing this device. Use extreme caution when walking on all surfaces when using this device. Walk more slowly than normal. This device is for single-patient use only