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    Deluxe Skateboard


    Deluxe Skateboard - Board ONLY

    Deluxe skate board uses a figure-8 pattern for range of motion exercises. Features a vinyl covered hardboard surface, and a metal rim on three sides. The outer edge of the board allows the unit to be clamped onto a work surface. There is a hand hole for convenient transport. Resistance system and skate sold separately.

    Dimensions: 20" x 3" x 10"

    Deluxe Skateboard - Accessory Resistance System:

    Resistance system for deluxe skate board is an adapted C-clamp that holds the skate board to the working surface and provides a "pulley" system for weighted resistance/assistance. Nine weights (approx. 4/10 lb each) are included. Deluxe skate board and skate sold separately.


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